Wallet Kit
Getting Started

Getting Started


To install the React Sui Wallet Kit library from npm (opens in a new tab), along with the Sui TypeScript SDK:

npm install @mysten/wallet-kit @mysten/sui.js

Configuring the Sui Wallet Kit Provider

After you install the @mysten/wallet-kit package, you need to wrap your application with the WalletKitProvider.

import { WalletKitProvider } from '@mysten/wallet-kit';
function App() {
  return (
      <YourApp />
    <WalletKitProvider />

Rendering a Connect Button

After you wrap your app with the WalletKitProvider, add a ConnectButton component that users can click to connect their wallet to your dApp.

import { ConnectButton } from '@mysten/wallet-kit';
export function YourApp() {
	return <ConnectButton />;